Cloud-Sec is simply Cloud based Security

Offers a 5-tuple firewall, basic networking , NAT functionality, user identity and site to site VPN with granular control over the layer 7 applications. It is based on State of the Art Cisco technologies.


It give you a complete peace of mind, you can sit back and relax and let us Manage your network.

Rapid transition to cloud-managed technology environment

Easy & Fast transition to a technology more safe and expandable without incurring heavy cost to the company

Distributed, remote, small sites

Not necessarily meant for large scale businesses, it is distribute to smaller sites as well for full-fledged security solution

Subscription-based feature delivery

Pay as you plan for the security model installed in your premises for easy of billing and saving time & money overall

Cloud-based Out-of-Band Management Tool

High-end dashboard to analyse internal data, with restricted access control models, authorization & authentication put in place

Robust Iron Clad Solution for your Business.

Saving yourself a great deal of money.


Layer 7 traffic shaping and application firewall

Control applications, not ports

CIPA-compliant content filter

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