Efficiently Designed

Each type of service we provide is further optimized unique

We let everyone in your business anywhere in the world get a powerful communications tool. Support for remote, mobile and home-based workers. And connect with customers at all times using the method they prefer.

Enterprise grade Unified Communication for Small Business

Our Company Values

  • Security
  • Reliable
  • Flexible
  • Simple

Cloudvivo proves its value by offering you with near-prompt accessibility of your vital communication systems which are well protected and compliant with security guidelines. It offers you more control over your documentation and applications while focusing on well-defined and implemented security strategy with the right enabling technology.

With up to date infrastructure, Cloudvivo’s current ecosystem is incorporated to strive for the best available telecommunication solutions which makes sure that you stay connected with perfect continuity. We have designed a highly resilient cloud-based system with good redundancy and data synchronization which delivers a highly reliable service.

Cloudvivo provides you greater flexibility and scalability in developing and handling truly hybrid cloud-based solutions. It bridges the gap between traditional IT systems and cloud computing. The true magnificence of this is a common platform for developers to create awe-inspiring applications collectively that work seamlessly with anyone on any device from anywhere.

Easy to collaborate. Easy and effective project monitoring. Easy to backup and restore. Easy access to information. Easy and automatic software integration. Easy and quick to deploy. With all these advantages, Cloudvivo will be a great asset to your company. You will fall in love with the abundance of opportunities that it provides. It can’t get any simpler than that.

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